The artist vs the businessperson, where do you stand?

Is it shallow to go after riches instead of honing your craft?

Last weekend I got together with a friend to catch up over sushi. Between fumbling with the chopsticks, we got into a huge life discussion and I would love your input on the topic.

Motivation sucks! Or does it?

Motivation is the spark, the habit is the gasoline.... BOOM!

In the past, I’ve been a huge supporter of the “Motivation sucks” movement. Whenever I was introduced on stage as a motivational speaker I would step out and quite smugly proceed to tell the world “I am not a motivational speaker, motivation doesn’t last, and if you wait until you are motivated, you’ll hardly get anything done!”

Why You Should Go Off the Deep End This Weekend

Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Online Business

Overcoming Overwhelm in Your Online Business | Amazing Gains

Last weekend my wife and I went completely off the deep end. It all started on Saturday with us crawling out of bed after more decent people would have been eating their lunch. Actually, because of the 36°C weather, it was more like peeling ourselves off the bed. Despite the late start, we headed out for groceries straightaway. Well… the …